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Ficha Técnica
Título: Selections 1
Editorial: MacMillan
ISBN: 9786074730852
Código de barras: 9786074730852
Código contable: 28093485
Grado: Primero
Asignatura: Inglés
Formato: 27 X 21 X 0.8
No páginas: 120
Encuadernación: Rústica

Selections 1
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Selections New Edition is a six-level series of reading anthologies specially designed to foster a love of reading. This captivating and enjoyable collection of original children’s literature will appeal to all who read it.

As well as the popular features of the original series, this new edition is packed full of exciting new features. These have been carefully designed taking into account teachers’ comments on the success of Selections.

Key features of Selections New Edition:

A range of writing styles to expose students to a variety of writing genres, maximizing their understanding and appreciation of the written word.

Beautiful artwork and photographs to reflect and illustrate the texts, bringing to life adventure stories, poems, practical activities and nonfiction texts.

News! Reading activity pages containing stimulating comprehension activities for every text, as well as text interpretation activities which develop critical thinking skills.

News! An audio CD to enhance the students’ experience as listeners and readers, now featuring all fiction and nonfiction texts in audio format.

News! An improved and extended Teacher’s Edition to highlight reading strategies and guide students toward effective reading skills, giving them a head start on the path to becoming enthusiastic, independent and lifelong readers.

Extra photocopiable materials in the Teacher's Edition to extend the topics covered.

News! A series of unit tests in the Teacher's Edition which test both language and comprehension.

At every level, Selections offers:

• Student's Book
• Teacher's Edition
• Audio CD

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